Friday, May 18, 2007

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Best Darn Bus Tour Ever...

Well, flip. The Romney kids are thinking about a bus tour to support their Dad's campaign for prez. I think this is a great idea - the Mitt Mobile - wow. I am simply whelmed. Couldn't they have tried a little harder - how about E Romnibus Unum. Or the Mitt Romneybus Unum. Or maybe we could find out all about his new omnibus bill to stop terrorism aboard the Bill Romneybus - that would be political poetry baby. Man, I hope this catches on - I can't wait to find out that he's probably Romniscient and hoping to soon be Romnipotent. Certainly, the American electorate would have to be Romnivorous for him to ever be elected as, to paraphrase the Daily Show, a northeastern patrician flip-flopper who once advocated for choice and for equal rights for gays and lesbians. Feel the Momittmum! Or is Momentmitt! Or Mittmentum! Or maybe MoMittRom! It's hard to keep track.

Anyway, you know here in the heartland we are beside ourselves in excitement about the arrival of the Mitt Mobile (incidentally, shouldn't that be one word. I mean really - it's the Batmobile, not the Bat Mobile - I mean, it's not like we're going to have the five brothers hanging from strings above our children's cribs .... wait, yes we are (trademark - see photo) . Seriously, we're all a twitter with the impending arrival and we've got the site smack in the heart of St. Louis all picked out for their big moment, a site where they can be an inspiration to all the young men age 18-42, like themselves.

Hat tip, Tbogg