Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fixing the internets - Romney Rapped for a freed killer...

...then headed off for a swim in the Great Salt Lake to cool off. Knew there had to be more to the story.

(Fixing the internet concept adapted from the geniuses at Sadly, No)

Romney on beatbox, throwin' down da rhymes for a killa

Talk about unfortunate headlines. Romney rapped for a freed killer makes for an interesting headline suggesting MRom sporting some choice bling laying down rhymes in an East Coast/West Coast beef over territory. Though given his proclivities for canine mistreatment, I could in fact see Romney putting together a free-Michael Vick tribute album.


(Even the link itself is problematic - to wit its:
It's not every day that you see the implication that Mitt Romney (is a) convicted killer, or that Mitt Romney convicted (a) killer (as a judge or part of a jury), depending on how you read it.)

Source at Swampland claims Joe Klein eats babies

Joe Klein, thus far, has no comment so currently we'll have to leave it at unconfirmed reports at Time.com suggest that Joe Klein may eat babies.

We have neither the time nor expertise to adjudicate this claim so we'll wait for people to tell us what they want us to write down.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fixing the internets - Gas prices and Speaker Pelosi

David Kurtz over at TPM picked up on the latest false meme over at Fox Noise. We thought something looked wrong with his graphic, and set about to correct it.

Given gas prices were hovering around a buck 40 in Jan 01 and are now (Nov. 12, 2007) at a mere 3.11, we thought this graphic might capture reality better. Plus, we're really sick of Fox digitally editing out Neal Cavuto's evil moustache of understanding.

(Fixing the internet concept adapted from the geniuses at Sadly, No)