Monday, July 09, 2007

All time low approval ratings move Cheney closer to major threat to the universe

Vice President Cheney has achieved many firsts but one of them might shake the very foundations of the universe.

With a new all time low approval rating of 13% (13%!), he's inching ever closer to the point where the margin of error on the polling would include and go past zero. That is, if he polls for example at 4% approval with a 5 percent margin of error (it would have to be a smallish sample size), that would put the 95% confidence interval/theoretical range of his actual approval ratings (which can only be between 0 and 100%) at -1 to 9%. His approval rating could theoretically be -1% WHICH IS NOT POSSIBLE.

I have a new theory. Cheney is trying to bring about the apocalypse/the end time/the rapture by blowing the universe's mind.

One other thing I would emphasize is that Cheney is stunningly being rejected personally by fully HALF of the crazy people that still somehow approve of the job he's doing (which is itself rapidly approaching the theoretical limit for political craziness (I just can't rave enough about that Kung Fu Monkey post). I mean he's losing more than half of the crazies approval. HALF!

If they are not careful, George Bush and Richard Cheney might hamstring Republican political opportunities for a generation. All I can say is Woo Hoo! (provided of course they don't wreck our economy, our justice system, our health care system, the environment, and get us all blowed up first ... yikes - um, on second thought... IMPEACH CHENEY NOW and his little dog too.

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