Friday, February 22, 2008

Delicious backstory on Mosbacher and McCain

Well, well, there appears to be more to that story. Mosbacher seems to have joined and later helped run John McCain's campaign as co-chair, possibly in part to stick it to her husband who was backing W. in 2000 (Robert Mosbacher Sr was the former commerce secretary for Bush the elder). Then, she's on McCain's campaign again as a big fundraiser in 2007. However, just as her ex-husband joins the McCain campaign in 2007, Georgette jumps to Fred Thompson's campaign, Fred Thompson being the person who rebuffed her personal advances via a eloquent letter when he was still in the Senate and dating Jeri, his now wife, the rebuffing occuring shortly before she joined McCain's campaign.


Reads like the premise of a bad Fox reality show - sorry, I mean Fox reality show - the bad in that phrase is just too redundant.

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