Friday, August 27, 2004

Election memes - Stubborn, cowardly bully

John Kerry's Daily Show appearance, while leaving me a bit whelmed (vaguely satisfied but disappointed at the same time), at least put the word to what any kindergarten teacher could see when they looked at the President's decision-making style. He's stubborn. He makes up his mind on virtually no information (well-documented) and then "sticks to his guns" - this is not character, this is foolishness.

More importantly, I'd like Kerry to stand up and call Bush a coward. First, expose him for the coward (or moral coward if you prefer Josh Marshall's excellent exposition of this point) he was 35 years ago when it came to Vietnam. And ridicule him for the coward he is now - call him out on the debates again and again. He won't meet me in the debates because he's afraid - he knows his record and that he can't possibly run on it or speak intelligently or honestly about it. Press the debates issue - HARD. If he agrees, great. If he doesn't agree, even better.

But I'd like to see these memes get a bit more traction because coupled with the president's disdain both for thinking and for people who more than occasionally try to engage in the same, I think it reveals the truth about this President. Namely that:

He's a bully, a brilliantly Machiavellian bully (thought the first two words may be due largely to his friendship with Karl Rove), but a bully nonetheless.

And no American has ever liked a bully.

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