Friday, August 27, 2004

Greenspan is a tool

... for the politically conservative movement to cripple the federal government. How else can one possibly reconcile Greenspan's support for the current President's massive tax shift from the wealthy elites to future citizens when he then turns around and says that we must quickly start trimming retirement and health benefits (Social Security and Medicare) to baby boomers or risk bankrupty and we must do so so they can plan for those resources not being there.

This is the epitome of bait and switch. Politicians have been promising that these resources will be there for generations. People have planned their retirements around these resources, as have private companies in the way they have designed their retirement benefit packages. To abandon our citizens now, when they have scant time left to prepare would be callous AT BEST.

Moreover, the payroll taxes (which falls much more heavily on the poor and middle class that depend on these resources) were raised as was the eligible retirement age, with the strong support of and largely at the suggestion of Greenspan to head this crisis off. Then, the surplus this tax hike created (with the help of some fiscal restraint during a Democratic presidency) helped hide the MASSIVE deficit spending of the Reagan and GHW Bush administrations and then was given to the uber-wealthy, not once, not twice, but thrice in three years under the current President.

So with the help of Greenspan, Reagan, Bush, and Bush have DRAMATICALLY RAISED taxes on the poor and middle class and used it to line the pockets of defense contractors and the oil industry, helped shift the tax burden from the truly wealthy onto the poor, the working class, and the middle class, have dramatically increased the tax burden of future generations, have shifted the tax burden more disproportionately onto money earned through work rather than money earned through sitting on your daddy's trust fund while planning to SLASH THE BENEFITS THAT THE POOR AND MIDDLE CLASS DEPEND ON FOR THEIR HEALTH AND WELL-BEING, EVEN FOR THEIR VERY LIVES as they age.

There really is only one word for such rob the poor to give to the filthy rich policy.


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