Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The relationship between the Bush Administration and competence

It seems that many many many people have at this point noted the complete and utter lack of competence of our current Presidential administration.

Frequently, this has taken the form of challenging people to name one thing, any single instance in which we might trust this administration to demonstrate competence (or tell the truth or be forthcoming with information to name a few).

I thought we could all use a simpler competition. So how about an analogy contest:

The Bush administration is to competence as:

(and here are some to get you started, the first two are from the post below)

a) Black holes are to light (no competence can escape the White House's event horizon)
b) the 1980's Seattle Supersonics were to passing
c) i is to whole numbers (not in overlapping sets)
d) Heat Miser is to Snow Miser (on the same dimension but opposite ends)
e) Dennis Miller is to humor
f) Bush is to Washington (presidentiality in Georges)
g) Astral to Material (not in the same plane of reality)

Knock yeselves out all ye who enter here.

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