Friday, November 10, 2006

Bush demonstrating his commitment to bipartisanship

True to his word, Bush is ushering in a new era of bipartisanship in Washington.

He pledged to see if bipartisanship can be marshalled to meet the challenges facing our nation. And, by nominating Mr. Bolton yet again, he has demonstrated, with the able assistance of the Honorable Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, that bipartisanship can in fact bring Washington together to solve our nation's biggest challenges, such as our intransigent President's neoconservative agenda and the President's inability to change his beliefs or behavior one iota based on information, facts, or what the normal among us like to call "reality".

Seriously, though. Isn't this both the definition of insanity (doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results) and an act of desperation (recklessness arising from despair).

And, also seriously, props to Senator Chafee. He's late to the party of course - but he's standing up and doing right by our nation when he could just coast in to the sunset and collect his last few paychecks. He's also substantially helping the progressive cause (as he should given his positions on the issues) by, as a Republican, framing the election in the way he has. So kudos to him. We're _all_ better off with Whitehouse in the Senate because of what it means to the nation (something that Senator Chafee and his constituents agree with) but he remains an honorable Senator trying to do right by actually heeding the will of his constituents and the nation as a whole.

Fancy that.

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