Friday, November 10, 2006

Hotline has won the 2008 presidential election for the Democrats

How, you may be asking, did Hotline seal the victory for the Democrats mere days after the 2006 election?

Easy. In writing up ActBlue's forthcoming electoral fundraising tool, they used Stephen Colbert as an example. Although probably already likely, this sealed the likelihood that there will be a Friends of Stephen Colbert or Colbert Nation candidacy.

Then, it will only take one or two mentions by you know who and this candidacy is going to get pushed to the top of the fundraising list. If he's anywhere in the running at any point (most likely early), the media will lap this story up like mother's milk and it will be difficult for Colbert to resist featuring it again. And then, if Colbert doesn't run (which seems likely), boom the DNC gets a huge cash infusion after the 2008 nominating convention. If he does run, there's a good chance he runs in persona as a Republican which would give the Republican party fits in terms of how to deal with him.

Don't think there's anyway this could have any impact on the 2008 elections? No? If you don't believe this, there's a bridge in Hungary I could sell you. Or perhaps a mascot? Or online encyclopedia? Or a baby eagle?

Best. Idea. Ever. Thanks Hotline!

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