Friday, November 17, 2006

Failing up: Lest anyone forget, Rep. Boehner was in the thick of things in the Foley scandal

The new House Minority Leader is a dramatic example of a failure of leadership and yet he was handily elected to the top party spot in the House of Representatives.
  1. He knew about the ethical problems of Congressman Mark Foley and did the absolute least he could do about it, allowing the problem to continue and to metastasize (not to mention to continue to let Foley run loose).
  2. In the #2 leadership position in the party, he presided over a massive electoral failure for his party.
  3. This failure was at least in part due to his doing nothing about number 1 and standing by while corruption ran rampant in his party and its leadership.
#2 and #3 apply to a certain extent to re-elected House Minority Whip, Rep. Blunt. And yet they both get handily promoted/retained.

What is it with Republicans? Corruption, scandal, failure, all on broad, national scales and they get promoted? Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

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