Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Things that unintentionally make us laugh - Bush and Cheney are "one mind"

Every once in while people (including us here at the never-read except for by spam comment machines and email trolling spiders Inquirer) commit things to paper/binary code that miss their intended mark.

Here, from an article referencing the Boston Globe's recent piece wondering whether Cheney's White House influence may wane as a consequence of the Republican electoral debacle and Bush's forthcoming search for a legacy, is one from the noise-o-sphere out on the fringes of the right wing:
And, what is with the "forgetting that the vice president was there to make it a foursome"? Since when has a Vice President been considered a separate political entity, one not directly tied to the President making them, in essence, one mind?

Um (after a merry chuckle or two) since never. The question has always been, whose mind (and presidency) is it really? And, seriously, if there is actually a mind to be shared between them, I think the evidence is in on who doesn't have it.

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